Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sarah Hurley - Documented December - What I love about Christmas

Oh my, there are so many things to love about Christmas, aren't there? Food, Christmas trees, lights, hot chocolate, Christmas jumpers, anticipation, magic, .......

But what I love most, is time together with my fantastic family. Hubby is off work throughout Christmas and New Year and the factory is closed, so he has less to stress about and nothing in particular to do (at least that is the theory!!). So we have time to watch those DVDs we've had for ages, play Monopoly, go for nice long walks with our border collie ALTOGETHER and there's always lots of eating too!!!!!

I am also loving these gorgeous papers and the snip & stick elements from this year's kit. And I've left plenty of room to add anything else I love about Christmas as I go along!

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