Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dream Valley - Punches and Dies

Well, we've finally had a few days of summery weather this week and it has been fabulous to get outside again.

And it's time for another challenge at Dream Valley.  This fortnight, it is Punches and Dies - a nice easy one!  For ages, I have kept a bag of the bairns' old clothes, trying to decide what I might be able to do with them, SURE that I would be able to upcycle them in some way.  And finally, I had the idea to make a cushion cover.

This cover has been made out of 2 pairs of Louise's jeans that are way too short.  I have cut the denim into squares and rectangles and sewn them together into a patchwork.  I alternated the direction of the weaves which gave a good effect. 

I decorated it, as you can see, with lots of die cut felt flowers, cut using my Sizzix Wedding Flower die.  I have handsewn them in place with embroidery thread and a bead is in the centre of each one.

A neglected Tinkerbell cushion has been stuffed inside the cover (thus recycling again!!) and a new accessory has been born!  As this is the first that I have made, it is a little rough and untidy in places, but perfectly useable and I am please that it has turned out so well from things that were no longer being used.  Hopefully, the next one will be a little neater as I'll have a better idea about what I need to do!  AND, Louise has a couple of pairs of cute new denim shorts......we just need some warm and sunny weather to be able to wear them!!

So, what will you create for our Punches and Dies theme at Dream Valley?  I can't wait to see.

Happy crafting!
Susie x


  1. Love your cushion, such a brilliant idea. And special too because of the material you've used. xx

  2. Such a great idea and the cushion cover turned out really well. Love the denim and the gorgeous flowers.

  3. Think this is a great idea and think we should do more

  4. What a fantastic idea! I love this striking cushion, it's really smart!

    love Mags B x

  5. Ooh so clever and creative! It looks gorgeous :o) Hugs, Lisa x


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